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This is not a business or for profit, I just like to learn and this helps my memory, which is not so good, except for some things, which is weird. Great, another question, I needed one more.

I'm not a writer or a philosopher and not a lot of other things.

These are the things I like to think about, but in no way really understand.

If you can read multiple meanings in one sentence, please read the one you prefer most.

The order of thoughts thought is down up, the latest on top.

Don't believe just because someone tells you. Try to answer a question just to yourself.

Think a thought is nice; tell your significant other, the kids, maybe your friends, that would be nice.


My path is all your wrong path and only one right path, mine, and according to my mom my favorite word as a baby was comomine which is baby talk for mine mine, now you know, you have your own right path and no one else's, if I took your path or chance I hope God will teach me, and I believe we all want to find the right path, and I'm sticking to it, as best I can.

My mom wants me to find a good woman and have kids, a right want, if I find that woman I just need my wife to be a good mom and at my age she does not have to be a good wife, and being a mom is hard, we each have our limits and strengths, why we should help each other, it helps make a better life, for everyone, not just one.

Equality is not a belief, it is an act. I believe empathy leads to the path of no harm, the best I can.

Life is a blessing, trying to understanding that is equally important to everything else.

Love must be found from within and can only be willingly given.

Beyond and the universe, eternity and love, a void filled in two, distance in time, energy pushing and pulling change in reality, one possibility the power affecting all, reality in change pulling and pushing energy, time in distance, two in filled a void, love and eternity, the universe and beyond.

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Be loving, be caring, be humble, be giving, nothing wrong with that, unless I believe I am done achieving.

An accident is something that went wrong, the universe is something that went right.

Helping without harming, an achievement a difficult goal, only known by the future hidden in the possibilities of all, empathy presents more choices to be made, trying and chance hand in hand play their game, add time for the only need left, reality the one decision to find the right path, an achievement will be closer yet, helping without harming.

If I could talk to the cells in my body, would I tell them to harm or help each other? Universally, each individual making one.

Just do the best I can, and trying is how one earns.

Sharing in thought, a joke told, the laughing is happy filling my soul, I cannot stop, a slight pain in my smile, my balance struggles by losing its control, my eyes are feeling a long happy cry, the laughter gets lighter, the tears wiped away, the slight pain is gone, but the smile remains, feeling hot my soul feels warm, told a joke, thought in sharing.

Thinking, a purpose for being, confusion the beginning, the path to clearing, time for trying, failing part of succeeding, traveling in imagining, paying by persevering, required for learning or doing, being for a purpose, thinking.

When it is bad for me, the less I do the better I do, an opposite.

If the future is already written chance does not exist. Do I believe that? No. I love chance, without it, I would have none.

The purpose of a home is not to build it, but to fill it. Love is best.

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So far, I have been the most successful in what I know the least. Trying can lead to anything.

Helping is better than yelling.

If I can contribute more than none, being wrong while thinking adds to lessons learned, one more done.

If God or the Creator is nothing, then nothing gained consciousness or by accident, created everything, including the perfection of math, the code required for existence, hidden by logic, what could be a greater miracle than that?

Sometimes being a parent requires one to act as two, trying their best gives a chance of happiness for all, proving love ignores math and possibilities, and parenting is doing the best job one can do.

USA in accents, the south, north, east and west, others are more difficult to tell, land occupied by the world, the possibility of everyone being represented, debating and believing in equality and freedom, doing our best in achieving, friendly neighbors, accents in USA.

It is better to give fish while I teach to fish.

Inspiring is learning, an unachieved goal, trying and chance, answers to be known, lessons learned of do and don't, the story of success, an achieved goal, learning is inspiring.

People can be mean, not always on purpose, don't let it affect me, it's not important, my affect on others, one true test of myself, my true intentions, only one can pass or fail, me.

Before you and I were here, you and I were something else, leading us to now, when I finally wrote and you finally read, one of my many thoughts, all the different points in time, changing into exactly one, the possibility of all, now, the possibility of one. With the past behind us, the future still lies ahead, and the possibility of all, has finally been reset, set to repeat itself, over and over again, constant change, from all to one, and one to another, making me wonder, all have purpose, what can that purpose be?

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I believe there is something after life and here is why, one minus one is nothing, I believe is incorrect, I believe it is change. If there are any examples, experiments or observations that prove change is wrong and nothing is right, I cannot think of any. Nothing does not exist, and I do, according to the universe, I only change. I am made of the universe, recycling itself, and from the beginning to the end or eternity itself, a part of the universe, I am.

A sperm enters an egg, two cells suddenly appear, and billions are added, until there are about fifteen trillion individual cells. Science can tell us the process, first this and then that, like the universe itself, an eternal miracle, me, you and everything else.

Words used solely to harm, can be defeated with just one thought, meaningless. If meaningless cannot exist, ignore it.

Through my life experience, I have learned, sacrificing for myself and others, helps others find happiness, and find happiness, for myself.

When I get angry, I'm not very nice, most people aren't, is there a reason being nice is better for my heart and mental health?

Life is a challenge, every single day, helping each other with love and sacrifice, can help that challenge, go away.

Some lessons are very easy to learn, they are taught by history, if I read, I will earn.

Time gets long, days get bored, refocus my thoughts on my goal, achievement is back on course, now all I need is more time, where have all the days gone?

I understand to this point, I understand to that point, time and thinking can help those points get along.

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No matter what I do and what I make, honest working, learning and earning is never a mistake.

Confession and forgiveness are like man and woman, different, equal, opposite, and from the same.

The line between wrong and regret is thin indeed. Calm thoughts and thinking, is what I need.

If I never try, I never will. If I always try, chance likes to play, eventually returning the favor. Which is better?

When a kid asks me a million questions, I try to remind myself there's a lot of "I don't know" in their head, I know exactly how that feels.

Thinking is great, and doing is equal. Without doing, thinking is just great to know. The best doing is doing the best that I can.

We are all something; we are all equal in that. Chance throws in what appears to be inequality, but beyond that, it is solely because of my soul.

The more different things I can learn about, the more similarities I can learn about.

Everything I am, and will be, is written inside just one cell of me. That is only where the story begins; the rest is written by life, time, light and something no one can possibly know, that is chance.

Most of our brains work pretty much the same, the difference, what I choose to think about.

What I know is obviously important to me, and what you know is obviously important to you, why don't we talk about what we know?

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What was and will be is still a part of everything, just in a different way.

Don't let one problem consume all my time, just keep it in the back of my mind. The solution might be found by doing something else, different things some times are related.

Harming someone because they are weaker proves a greater weakness in me.

There may be a question with no answer, but there is no answer without a question.

If I can't be the best, inspiring another to be the best they can is the next best thing, if not the best of all.

When they're just words, nicer words could help solve the problem.

I don't care if others judge me just by their look; my story to them is a closed book. I know my story, and that is what is important.

It's better to educate than humiliate, especially during an argument.

Writing mean words is easy, kind thoughts take thinking.

If I have to lie, cheat or steal to get it, thinking leads to a better way.

It's nice to speak to someone who not only read it in a book, but also has done it.

Some problems can be solved with forgetfulness.

If it's wrong if it's done to me, how is doing the same to others right?

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Working Life

Never fear being wrong in thought, wrong is the opposite of right, the path to understanding, never trying to be right is wrong, always.

Money, glorious eternal want, need humbly defeats greed, saving.

Whenever I do something creative, before finishing, multiple times are not a bad idea, stop and walk away, at least for two days. The soon to be masterpiece misses the gaze, the key is the initial reaction, what do I think and feel, I learn much about myself, nature and the universe, simply by thinking simple thoughts and simply applying simple math, for me, the simpler the better, confusion makes me start over or finish what I started, the masterpiece will again have to wait another day, either way, from the same it depends.

A disagreement, chance leads to opinions different, different no reason for anger, lessons learned in life different, different taught by each is continued communication, the same viewed from a perspective different, different opinions leads to chance, a resolution.

Lazy, only look and do not act, piles waiting begging for change, reorganizing prioritizing a place to begin, pick just one, chance likes to play, only one possibility required for success, loop until nothing is left, change for begging waiting piles, act and do not look only, energetic.

Income is money I earn, an asset is something I own, an expense is paid, a liability is a debt that is owed, assets minus liabilities equals equity, companies sell with stocks, equity divided by outstanding shares equals book value, the value of one share, what a company is worth, possibilities exist in the future, explaining the up and down confusion of now.

Help tomorrow with today.

What can affect profit? Time, ease, efficiency, desire, belief, risk, interest, excitement, usefulness, obsolescence, wonder, I wonder if there is more?

Talking without really understanding what I was saying was my sales strategy in the beginning, a lot. No choice, experience takes time to learn. My favorite game, silence, broke all the rules and made the customer feel, uncomfortable. Not easy at first, but a great way to learn, is to fail. What is the worst that can be, no? After a while, that gets easier too.

Supply and demand, perfection found in balance, more or less, consequences will occur, the past and real time ignore the future, they help prediction, nothing more, profit or loss, balance found in perfection, demand and supply.

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Diminishing returns, a wave of profit and loss, past the top and gravity takes control, imagination and logic, trying, thought of efficiency, numbers to turn around, stop the drop and beat the limit, returns diminishing.

People paid a government to borrow their money, negative interest rates, instead of being paid. What is the opportunity cost, in hindsight?

A short term trend is how a long term trend starts, every single time, predicting the difference, is the difference, does chance make sure I am not always right?

Working harder is no guarantee; it just changes my odds, greatly.

Bad idea, problems discovered, issues to overcome, thought and debate, decisions to make, fix or start over, one by one, solutions to work on, persevere until done, a bad idea can change or create a new good one.

Equity options, buying rights and selling obligations, insurance for a strike price guarantee, buy a call or sell a put to buy a stock, sell a call or buy a put to sell a stock, naked if none and covered if already owned, all in the future for a premium, pay or paid, adds a new view of the game.

Value add, competitor separation and customers closing, sales made easier and revenue growing, needs fulfilled with service and purpose, reasons to earn a customer's business, add value.

One day in many, choices to consider, too many possibilities to name, reality answers the same, lessons learned pertain, do my best effort, choices on the way, many in one day.

Motivation, thinking necessity, purpose the mother giving a reason to bother, grown from emotions and need, naturally or inspired, a key to achieve, necessity thinking, motivation.

Successful managing is to get the best work of each and each goal to be reached, different styles may be needed, constant threatening working is misleading, discipline has its place and should be heeded, freedom can be abused and may be limited, on time is if all work is really completed, leading by example leads to being inspired, teaching is always helpful and may be required, the wrong result is quitting or being fired, not always the managers fault but should have in thought, how do I reach each goal and the work of each to be successful?

Focus, is not to lose, my goal in constant thought, pros and cons keeps fear and greed in check, a plan describing each step, debating change in my head, a chance on an unknown event, to succeed, is not to lose, focus.

My shoes are old, off to the store I go, no shoes just socks, ensuring I achieve, a goal that I must meet, suddenly, I woke up, dreams may have meaning, they certainly can teach, think my goal thoroughly, so I don't miss the obvious within reach.

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The best risk is no risk, not how life really works, the greater the risk the greater the profit and loss, in reality, minimize the loss while maximizing the profit, should be my goal, in the end, risk should be no more than I can really afford to lose, now, a risk worth taking, from my point of view.

Before investing, learning how to read income statements, balance sheets and cash flow, could be one key, boring and dry, numbers by people who sometimes lie, products, competition, management, book value, dividends, and future potential, could be others to consider, like life itself, from risk comes profit and loss, the same.

No, a lesson is learned, more information on what I should do, thinking change to reach my goal, yes, is now closer.

The stock market, fear and greed, a zero sum game, for every dollar lost, a dollar is gained, funding the growth of business, is the main aim, investing and trading, owning equity long term and selling paper short term, a difference, no guarantee the same, buy low sell high, knowing the future, easier said than done.

Being self sufficient, is to be really free, to do the things, that are most important to me, and helping others succeed and those who don't have the ability, should be a high priority, helping making a better society, a task never easy, a goal worth achieving, the best chance of succeeding, is to continue thinking, about trying, learning, planning, and sacrificing, for the future of no guarantee.

Money, the value goes up and down, not by itself, but relative to another, the reasons, it depends. To help protect it, buying different currencies and assets, is really what should be learned, history included. One guarantee is that risk and change always exist, and learning before investing, is less risky than ignoring reality, perception cannot deny that.

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When I was in sales, it was hard not to eventually, make a potential customer angry, when I would use the same old tactic. When it happened, I would immediately apologize, and explain, I meant no harm; there is no profit in it. So I would change, and use something I thought of beforehand, helping me pull a green rabbit, out of the good old profit hat.

If I had a million dollars, I would be set for life? That's fifty thousand for twenty years or twenty for fifty, living below the poverty line. Do I still believe I would be set? What is inflation?

I have made a mistake, been wrong during my life, if it happened more than once, that makes it nothing new. There will be more, if history is correct, good, proof I will learn.

What served me well in my marketing past is AIDA: Attention, interest, desire, action, the definition of a good ad. The best of all is to dial, until my fingers and ears, nearly bleed.

I have learned that many facts can be wrong. One that has never changed, the best I can do, is my limit, and with time and perseverance, that limit, can change.

How can success and failure be exactly the same? There is only one formula, the exact same formula that can create multiple answers, the entire math of exactly one word, trying.

Getting a better negotiated price may be got by getting the negotiator to give more invested time. The more invested time got, the better price may be given. If no invested time is given, can a better price be got?

Failure is an event, not a personality or a trait, which is the first thing, I need to get straight, it is the past and cannot change, change my now, now that I can change.

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I negotiated most of my professional career, my number one rule, always be willing to say no, either wrong or right, it helps me sleep well at night.

My best understanding of risk is to limit it.

I can think about it and prepare, equally important is being aware.

Learning how to keep money safe and growing only adds to earning it.

Failure's lessons can lead to the profit of success.

When I try and it's wrong, thought of a beneficial purpose can change that wrong into right.

Help alleviate being scared by being more prepared.

Not every opportunity is good. There are lines to think about, the pros and cons. Don't forget about opportunity cost, instead of infinite, make it useful and put a limit, maybe just a few.

What is the difference between innovation and evolution?

If I solve a business problem, innovation makes the solution not last long.

The only time travel I can really see is efficiency.

The more I do the better I do.

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Does a complaint reveal a hidden opportunity?

Two ways to prosperity: For every dollar I earn, I spend less, and the less I spend, the more prosperous I am. Another, learn how to earn more money.

Some lessons have problems being solved. Mix time, determination and thought with a journey in a book or doing, problems solved.

What is opportunity? What should be is not.

Some problems can be solved by avoiding the problem all together. Example: Internet security. Don't put it on the internet. Problem solved.

How do I minimize my work, while maximizing my profits?

The only right way to sell is different for each customer.

I can't rush experience.

I should only expect what I am willing to offer.

It's better to say I earned it.

A good way to learn is to do.

It's hard to argue against logic.

Try to solve every problem with my best drive and determination. Sometimes, I am surprised at what I can do if I try.

Before trying something new, read parts of the manual or do some research, ten minutes well worth my while. Just always think safety first.

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Smarty Pants

One one is not always two.

What does math describe? Something not nothing, now you know.

Is a circle drawn on a piece of paper reality or abstract?

The more I know the more I don't, and it is 0211, spooky, not because we made up dates, nature did, perfectly.

I don't know is knowing I don't.

What am I waiting for, yesterday?

If I am right, I say so, and if I am wrong, I say so. I am always wrong proving I am right. That was easy.

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One glass is filled halfway with water. Is the glass half empty or half full? Scientifically, the correct answer is full, half water and half air.

A square peg in a round hole? If the square peg is smaller at every point than the round hole, it will fit, easy. What does shape have to do with it?

Even a coin has a fifty-fifty chance? Possibility and probability claims a third side.

Even a clock is right twice a day? Not if I use military time.

My decision making is perfection, I make one every single time, the right decisions, not so much.

I never take good pictures, I'm blaming light.

Anything is possible? Not in the past.

What is the difference between maybe and maybe not?

Three makes a trend? Not if I want to be ahead of that trend.

When I know, I state it as a fact; I know better, logically, that makes no sense. That feels right.

Failure is not an option? I know how to make it one, it takes much practice.

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I am the most interesting person I know? I must not have met myself yet, I'm boring.

Nothing lasts forever? Eternity does.

The long and short of it? If they are exactly the same, how are they different?

Pay for the messy look? I know how to do nothing, for nothing. Proof I am old?

Long story short? Better than a short story long, time only has value in reality.

Is the earth round? No, it is oblong and stretches, because of the moon, which is oblong and stretches, because of the earth, oblong is the new round.

How to decrease the fed's balance sheet? Convert a trillion dollars to a coin and melt it. Does that only work if we have money?

If the universe is expanding, am I? If I was shrinking, what would the universe look like?

Lifetime guarantee? What if the entity goes bankrupt?

I don't day trade but I try to trade everyday.

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Keep in mind? Where else would I keep it?

Nevertheless or nonetheless? Never or none, there is a difference.

In any case? Any means all and some cases may be wrong.

How long is a day? Which date, object or relativity is the answer, not all are the same.

Nothing has changed? Change means different, not the same, unless nothing exists, which cannot be. Nothing has stayed the same, or everything has not changed, scientifically correctly.

You know, if I know you know, you know, then why am I, you know, telling you, you know?

If my thoughts are math, how can I be wrong?

I just caught my thoughts referring to I as you, am I not I, or do I just like yelling at myself, with you?

Unbelievable? That means not believable, if it happened, then it is a fact, which is believable, not a belief, which is believable, not a fact, fact or belief, believable it is.

Is one minus one nothing? I have two apples, I eat one by one, math appears right, because now there are none. When I use thought and look deep inside, the two apples are still there, is math still right, only because the apples, are out of my sight?

Second nature? Is first nature not natural?

The sky is blue? Yes, then it's yellow, red, gray, a rainbow of colors, apparently.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush? If it's a small bush and flightless birds, I'll take the two, since there're worth the same.

The bottom line? Ignoring the details puts my bottom on the line.

Wishing? Be careful what I demand.

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I've been accused of being secretive, such nonsense, I just don't share.

The best days are behind us. I know the future?

Can one word be fragmented? According to one grammer checker, infinite is.

Even a statement can be a question. Is that right?

Then? A known event that happened in the future in the past, or a known event that happens in the future. Then knows all?

If everything has already been thought of, does that prove invention does not exist? What about the first time it was thought of?

Why am I doing this? After all, I get nothing. In fact, this is barely something or greatly nothing, changing thinking into learning, greatly nothing was nothing, but with barely something, greatly nothing is not nothing anymore, greatly nothing is barely something, after all.

If I play a lottery and my odds are a million to one, if I don't get the first number, don't my odds change to none?

Something must be possible before it can be probable, even then, may be highly improbable. What are the odds chance will tell me and do they stay the same?

Can a questions answer be a question? Why not?

If anything is possible, then not possible possibly exists. Would that make a possibility possibly not possible or not possible probably not probable?

At the end of the day? Light or midnight?

If a double negative accomplishes the definition of communication, how can a double negative be wrong?

If it's one at a time, how is spelling it the same as saying it?

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How can you know your future? Just wait.

Math tells the truth, but can be deceiving. If you buy a stock at ten dollars and it drops to one dollar and then goes up to two, all the news is about the one hundred percent rise.

Does never exist in nature? If it did not happen at that time, is it because at that time, it never could, or could it, but it just never did?

How can math be wrong? One two pound object plus another two pound object equals two objects. One ten pound object plus another ten pound object equals two objects. Math is right, am I asking math the right questions?

Which handed am I? If left is right then right is wrong. Are you right? For me, it depends; I sprained my wrist a long time ago. I'm more right or I'm more wrong. If I'm wrong, am I not right?

Yeah, I'm something all right, that's probably it.

Never say never? I will never live this life forever. I will never live that second past again. If I never bet the result, I will never win. Pi never ends. Nature never losses. Never say never say never. Can I say never now?

Some animals can really understand us, and we can really understand none of them.

How most technology works is really simple, it's either on or off, which creates a bit. How can we mess that up?

If we were given everything with no problems in life, could someone still find a reason to complain? Does complaining about nothing to complain about count?

For this website, zoom works great on my cell phone. Is this news or an ad?

Philosophy is easy. Just ask a question that can never be answered and never answer a question, and suddenly, you're a politician.

I love to write, but reading?

Sometimes, the logical answer defies logic....Stupid accident.

You're cautiously optimistic? Caution means fearful. Optimistic means fearless. So, you're fearfully fearless? Me, I'm optimistically cautious. You know, fearlessly fearful.

If I'm smart enough to know I'm not, am I? Before reading further, try to answer. There are only two possibilities, one makes sense. Did the spinning stop?

I am never perfect, always.

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Me Miscellaneously Miscellaneous

God is all powerful and mighty, why I believe worshiping God is fine, but we should also worship each other with the right kind of love, and there are many including lust, I am human equal to all and imperfect, mistakes can happen even when we don't try, God is love and our judge, and all of our teacher, God is mysterious, evidence that tells me what, I don't care I love God no matter what, God gave me love and chance, what more could I possibly want, to spread God's love as best I can, my truth as honest as I can be.

Life is truly a journey of learning, which sometimes, demands failing. It is the trying that counts, chance.

When I rub my hands on my knees, my knees are feeling my hands and my hands are feeling my knees, are those two different conscious thoughts at once? I cannot tell the difference, can you?

Evolution in nature, the past is knowledge, the lessons learned of wrong and right, remembering a difference like day and night, the storage of data equal to hard drives and light, passed like genes from parents to child, the building blocks of the future, right and wrong of the lessons learned, knowledge is the past, nature in evolution.

Language requires words, words require pictures not letters. Letters are pictures that can create words, are letters the math of words?

One possibility, one plant, one split, one side by side, one possibility added with new, one possibility now two, one split, one plant, one possibility. Twins, one creates two, the possibilities make them unique.

Illusion, the Parthenon, proving light is not alone in deceiving, perfection from imperfection, math and deception, an ancient master, the Parthenon, illusion.

Affect, change occurs, contemplating what just happened, an effect in return, once again, change occurs, affect.

Different, a blank piece of paper and one of unprocessed thoughts over run, building from new and fixing what has been done, both are fun, one full of potential and the other improved on, important for both to be, the beginning from the same, me, different.

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Deception, truth hidden, logic and math is the best I can do, extrapolation, test and conjecture, time perseverance and rolling chances, eventually, hidden truth, honesty.

Every time I forget, I usually remember or relearn, every time I do, my first thought is I already knew that. Not using knowledge weakens over time, requiring the neural pathways to strengthen once again. Inefficiency, time wasted, relearning what I know but have forgotten, will help keep my mind sharp into my old age and may just help me along the way, so I have heard.

I am rolling the dice on bonsai trees, seeing them while mowing, I picked them later right from the lawn, a maple and type of bush, growing can be hard to do, in seeds nature wrote a code written, light, dirt, water and chance, perfection a matter of view, based on the results, one of us appears to be confused.

I have been invaded by ants, luckily, I did not move in yet, no food for them, a while past, they have left, time and efficiency demanded it, how was the decision reached?

Good time or bad time, time has different states at once, perception and reality, reality of time minus me and my perception of time, moving, distance, math, feelings, finite and eternal, reality of time affects me and I can affect the perception of time, relative to me.

Life two miles down, no light, no plants, poisonous water, bacteria still around, thriving and growing, the tenacity of life, limits reached or so it was thought, finding a way to survive, deep down below to space.

A thought, one day I like, the next day I don't, a feelings change, changed because nobody knows, what I feel, cannot be helped, what I feel, depends on which day, a feelings change, changed by, a thought.

A mirror projecting is what I wrote in the previous thought, the image I see is inward away from me, reflecting the opposite of my relativity, and for me to see, the light has to be projected towards me, technically, is a mirror projecting or reflecting and how do the photons repeat the data of eternity?

In a room, I have two mirrors opposite each other, the reflection repeats the room, each mirroring the other, apparently for eternity, eternity in an instant, a flat object projecting three D, but my sight has a limit, if I stare and think long enough to try and understand, it really makes me dizzy.

I am not perfect, but made from the perfection of opposites in perfect balance, and the perfection of time and space, perfectly making the same things, making perfectly different, eternal perfection, until you get to me, perfection making imperfection, isn't life interesting?

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Fact, what I know, then an event, what I know, suddenly went, what I know, changed by affect, what I know, completely different, what I know, fact?

A mirage, cold and warm air, one above and the other below, bending light, confusing my eyes, causing me to see, nothing but lies, like a twinkle, in the night sky, how can I be sure, when I see the truth?

I planted a seed, which sprouted the miracle of life, how does a plant know, to turn towards the light? At night, I turn it around, so the next day, it will straighten out. In the morning, it already is almost there, is gravity causing the affect, is a plant aware?

Is it a fact, that reality and perception, is not the same thing, that perception can be deceiving, that reality a fact?

Some of my favorite animals live in the deepest part of the seas, breaking rules not seen above, cold and pressure, beauty and monsters, clever and cunning, in the dark there is light, seeing without working eyes, life so fragile, finding strength by adapting, does nature give life no limits to how life can change?

Can I have two conscious thoughts at once? While thinking of the future, the sun burns my right arm. Both thoughts move along, as though both thoughts are one. With time, one's future is more near, which one of my thoughts, do I want to hear?

At times, my experience with others is hard to understand, and my understanding of others experience is hard, at times.

I tried to cut some bushes, two robins yelled at me, I didn't listen, and they followed with non-verbal communication. I hope I listen the next time, robins really love their babies.

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As long as I'm trying my best, so what if I'm not good at it, most people aren't, and if they are, then so what?

Nature never lies, but appears to love to hide; each in our own way, it's up to us, to find her. To me, she appears to be truthfully deceitful.

Forgot how many days in a month? My dad taught me this. Make a fist. The first knuckle is January and the indent is February and so on. At the end, August is back to the first knuckle. The knuckle is thirty-one and the indent thirty, except February of course.

Does any of the life inside of me have thoughts of their own? They buzz around every second of every day with what appears to be purpose, even when I'm asleep, could it be want or need? Who's in charge anyways, me or me, or are we a team?

The measure of intelligence depends on the situation and perspective.

I saw a black crow solve a three step process to successfully get food, apparently using logic. If it was me, I would have smashed the box. I don't mind a little crunch in my food.

Some bamboo trees create seeds every forty-eight years. How does a tree know the difference between one year and forty-eight years? I don't know, but a tree has better memory than me, apparently.

If you could meet yourself in the past, how far back would you go before you disagreed with yourself? For me, it's one second. Wrong! It's two.

Please think on how to help those who served and serve with great sacrifice, for all our safety and lives. I never did, and I feel obligated, so I'm trying.

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My Parents

My father cannot talk to me, in reality, his lessons are still with me, loving, helping and teaching can still affect someone, even if it is just thoughts, love does live on.

My father and mother were always equal, each role different, to the best ability of each, equal in love for each other and equal in love for their kids.

My dad sold specialty advertising on his way home from working full time at Ford. Stayed married to a woman he was proud to call his wife. Helped raise three kids and sent them all to college. Still had the time to do mostly what he wanted. A life never easy, always self sufficient and a provider, struggled every single day, and made his life, wife, kids, and those he knew for the better, helped by trying, sacrifice and perseverance.

My parents did everything for each other and their kids, rarely for themselves. Can you imagine that?

The older I get the more I learn just how right my father and mother is about so many things. Of course, that made me wrong, and for a fact, still I am. I just keep trying.

I did not knowingly use anyone else's material. Sometimes, I can't remember if I thought it, read it or heard it. If it's yours, I sincerely apologize and will make the correction as soon as I know.

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Every view, or chance, started with a special few, and only because of all of you, I am obligated to yell, THANK YOU!

Have fun and enjoy the beauty all around us. When needed, you have thought.

Don't believe just because someone tells you. Try to answer a question just to yourself.

Best wishes to you all!

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